Driving lessons in Lower Broadheath.


It is not easy to find a driving school in Lower Broadheath who only uses qualified driving instructors to give the driving tuition. We are one of the few driving schools in Lower Broadheath who do!

Did you know? 

Many people are unaware that there are two types of driving instructors. Trainee driving instructors are, as their name suggests, are still under training.  They will show a red badge.  Qualified driving instructors have passed all three examinations and will indicate this by their green badge.  In addition, qualified driving instructors are graded by the Driving Standards Agency based on how well the individual driving instructors teach.  Grade 6 is the ultimate grade that any qualified driving instructor can achieve. All our driving instructors are grade 4 or higher with our driving school in Lower Broadheath. The majority are grade 5 or higher.

Value for money: 

We will not be the cheapest driving school in Lower Broadheath per hour but we are the cheapest for the entire course.  This is because with a qualified driving instructor you will need fewer driving lessons.  Not only does this mean that you will take fewer driving lessons but it also means you will be ready to take your driving test sooner.

About your driving lessons: 

With regards to the driving test, because our driving school in Lower Broadheath operate with fully qualified driving instructors only, you stand a much better chance of passing the driving test at the first attempt.

Driving lessons to suit individuals: 

Your driving lessons in Lower Broadheath can be at any time of the day for the same price.  We are unique in that we charge the same price irrespective of the time of the day or which day of the week you take your driving lessons on. Many other driving schools in Lower Broadheath charge extra for evening and weekend driving lessons.


Our driving lessons in Lower Broadheath last for sixty minutes but this can be extended if pupils request and the price remains proportional.  At our driving school in Lower Broadheath we treat pupils as individuals and leave the choice of lessons times to each pupil’s preference.

Gift ideas: 

Our driving school in Lower Broadheath can also issue driving lesson vouchers.  These make excellent gifts or presents and the vouchers can be for any number of driving lessons in Lower Broadheath. If you need these driving lesson vouchers urgently they can be e-mailed or hand delivered to your door.

Contact us:

If you need any more information on booking driving lessons with Excellent driving school then please contact Simon or Liz from the details on the homepage.