Driving Lessons in Leigh Sinton 

"Excellent" Driving school in Leigh Sinton expects pupils to be reasonably unsure and a little nervous when learning to drive in Leigh Sinton. But within a very short period of time we guarantee that not only will you feel more confident but you will actually look forward to your future driving lessons in Leigh Sinton.

You may find cheaper driving lessons in Leigh Sinton, but in any business cheaper isn’t always the best. In Leigh Sinton for example my 1st time pass rate is over 80%, so although other driving schools in Leigh Sinton may offer you various cheap offers, you may well end up having more driving lessons and more driving tests than you actually need.

Generally "Excellent" Driving School will start you off with a 2 hour lesson off road somewhere reasonably quiet in Leigh Sinton; from there we can introduce you to the workings and controls of the car. We then get you stopping and starting and changing gears, then once you are feeling more relaxed and your confidence is building we can then move onto the main roads in Leigh Sinton and do things like roundabouts and left/ right turns.

As you’re driving in Leigh Sinton progresses and gradually becomes more independent, we move onto things like dual carriageways and overtaking, whilst all this is happening we have four manoeuvres to master. Then we can move onto doing mock driving tests in Leigh Sinton before finally preparing ourselves for the practical test itself.

Now this may sound like a lot to do when you first start your driving lessons in Leigh Sinton, but once you get started its amazing how the time flies by.

It is an age old question driving instructors in Leigh Sinton get asked,” How many driving lessons will I need?” There is no real answer to that as everybody learns at different speeds, but looking through our past figures at "Excellent" driving school, and from the pupils we have taught in Leigh Sinton it kind of works out on average 30-35 lessons from never driving to some kind of test standard.  

Before booking your practical test with "Excellent" Driving School in Leigh Sinton you will need to have passed your theory test, if you need any info, help or learning material on this you will find it on our Homepage. The theory test centre itself is based in Worcester town centre, and also the Practical test centre is in Warndon Villages, Worcester.

"Excellent" Driving School also provide gift vouchers for anyone wishing to have driving lessons in Leigh Sinton, maybe for a Birthday or Christmas gift.

"Excellent" Driving Schools overall aim is to provide the best possible driving lessons in Leigh Sinton and also to be a successful driving school in Leigh Sinton. We rely very much on recommendations from former pupils in Leigh Sinton so doing a bad job would be disastrous for us. See our testimonials page from former pupils who had driving lessons in Leigh Sinton with us.

On completion of your successful driving test, we also provide pass plus courses, and motorway lessons to make you the safest possible driver in Leigh Sinton.
If you would like any more information on our driving school or about driving lessons in
Leigh Sinton then please don’t hesitate to contact myself or Liz from the details on the homepage.