Driving Lessons in Chatley

“Excellent” driving school in Chatley has an “excellent” first time pass rate mainly due to the simple fact that all our driving instructors are fully qualified. Not many driving schools in Chatley can guarantee this because many other driving schools in Chatley use trainee driving instructors in an attempt to offer cheap driving lessons in Chatley.

Gift ideas:

If you are looking to buy driving lessons as a gift then we can help you as we issue driving lesson vouchers. Our driving lesson vouchers can be for any number of driving lessons in Chatley and if you need the driving lesson vouchers urgently then we can e-mail or hand deliver them to you so you will have the driving lesson vouchers within an hour.

Value for money driving lessons:

Like most things in life, the price usually reflects the quality of the product and driving lessons in Chatley is no exception. You will find cheap driving lessons in Chatley but if the driving instructors are good why are they offering cheap driving lessons? Most people want to earn more money from their jobs, not less.

Fully qualified driving instructors?

It is easy to identify the two different types of driving instructors. A qualified driving instructor will show a green badge in their car’s windscreen, near to the car tax disc, whereas a trainee will show a pink badge in the same location whenever they are giving driving lessons in Chatley.

The usual reason why some driving lessons in Chatley are cheap is because the driving lessons will be with a trainee driving instructor. So you need to ask whether you want cheap driving lessons in Chatley or good driving lessons in Chatley.

More lessons for less money??

Cheap driving lessons may appear to give value for money but this usually not true. Cheap driving lessons usually means you end up taking far more driving lessons in Chatley than you will normally need. By paying a few pounds more per hour, you not only take fewer driving lessons in Chatley, thus saving your money, but you also will become a much better and ultimately safer driver.

Also all qualified driving instructors are graded by the DSA. Grade 6 is the highest grade possible. Every driving lesson in Chatley conducted by us will be with a grade 4 or higher fully qualified driving instructor.

Driving lessons to suit you:

If you work shifts or you want your driving lessons in Chatley at different times each week then that is not a problem. We can arrange your driving lessons in Chatley at times to suit both your availability and your budget.

Contact us:

If you have any questions about driving lessons with “Excellent”driving school then please contact Simon or Liz from the details found on the homepage. info@excellentdrivingschool.co.uk