Driving lessons in Bredicot

About us:

“Excellent” driving school in Bredicot has an excellent driving test pass rate and one of the major reasons behind our success is that at our driving school in Bredicot all our driving instructors are fully qualified. Many other driving schools in Bredicot allow trainee driving instructors to conduct their driving lessons and it is usually these driving schools in Bredicot who offer cheap driving lessons in Bredicot.

Quality driving lessons:

Many people fail to realise the importance of quality driving lessons in Bredicot. The reason so many new drivers have accidents in their first two years is simply down to the training they received. If more pupils took quality training then not only would it save them money on their driving lessons in Bredicot but the general cost of new drivers insuring their costs would also be seriously reduced too.

Fully qualified instructors:

Many people are unaware that some driving schools operate with trainee driving instructors. It is usually these driving schools who offer cheap driving lessons in Bredicot. Like most things the quality of any problems is usually reflected in the price of that product. If an instructor was good, then why are they offering cheap driving lessons in Bredicot? Most people want an increased salary for doing a good job not a reduced one!

Booking driving lessons in Bredicot needs to be done carefully and with the knowledge of the quality of the training you will receive on your driving lessons in Bredicot.

We are one of very few driving schools who operate with just qualified driving instructors in Bredicot.

Excellent first time pass rate:

We have an excellent pass rate from our learner drivers in Bredicot and the main reason is down to the quality of the driving lessons in Bredicot combined with a lot of effort from our pupils. It’s all about team effort. With that in mind you can’t expect good newly qualified drivers if the driving instructors are trainees!

Pink badge Green badge:

You can identify the different driving instructors by their badge they display in their car on every driving lesson in Bredicot that they conduct. Pink badge indicate that the instructor is under training whereas a green badge shows a fully qualified driving instructor.

All qualified driving instructors are graded by the Driving Standards Agency on a regular basis. Grade 6 is the best any driving instructor in Bredicot can ever achieve. All our instructors are grade 4 or higher. The majority are grade 5 or higher.

Driving lessons to suit you:

“Excellent” driving school can organise your driving lessons in Bredicot to fit both your availability and your budget. So whether you want one driving lesson in Bredicot per week or an intensive driving course in Bredicot we can arrange everything for you usually within an hour.

Gift ideas:

If you wish to buy driving lessons in Bredicot as a gift then we can assist you by issuing driving lesson vouchers in Bredicot and these driving lesson vouchers make “excellent” presents. The driving lesson vouchers can be for any number of driving lessons in Bredicot and we can send the driving lesson vouchers to you by e-mail or hand deliver them to your door in Grafton Flyford if you request it.

After passing your practical driving test “Excellent” driving school also teach the pass plus course, which will give you a good reduction on your first years car insurance, or if you’d prefer we can provide motorway or refresher driving lessons. 

Contact us:

If you have any questions about driving lessons with “Excellent”driving school then please contact myself or Liz from the details found on the homepage. info@excellentdrivingschool.co.uk