Driving lessons in Besford

There are far too many accidents nowadays with newly qualified drivers because too many prefer to pay for cheap driving lessons in Besford rather than pay a few pounds more and get superior driving lessons in Besford. The price you pay, like most products, usually reflects the quality of the item you are buying.

Value for money driving lessons:

“Excellent” driving school do not offer cheap driving lessons in Besford but we do offer quality driving lessons in Besford. Many people are unaware that many driving schools use trainee driving instructors to conduct their driving lessons in Besford.

The quality of the training you will receive can be indicated by getting the individual driving instructor’s grade. The highest grade any driving instructor can achieve is a grade 6. All our driving instructors in Besford hold a minimum grade 4 with the majority holding a grade 5 or higher grade issued directly from the Driving Standards Agency.

Did you know:

If an instructor does not have a grade then he is a trainee driving instructor. You can identify a trainee driving instructor by the pink badge they display on every driving lesson in Besford that they conduct. All our driving instructors will show a green badge on every driving lesson in Besford which shows they are fully qualified and that they have passed all three qualifying examinations.

By paying slightly more per hour for every driving lesson in Besford many appear to be more expensive. But with a qualified driving instructor you will need fewer driving lessons in Besford and this is the real saving. Plus by taking driving lessons off a qualified driving instructor in Besford you have a better chance of passing your driving test at the first attempt. If you take cheap driving lessons in Besford with a trainee then you might be the first person they have ever prepared for a driving test.

With a qualified driving instructor not only will you need fewer driving lessons in Besford but you will also get up to 25% off your first car insurance. This can be worth many hundreds of pounds.

So if the price is a big issue then consider this. If you take cheap driving lessons in Besford you will have more driving lessons in Besford than you should really need; you will have to pay for more driving tests and extra driving lessons in Besford between each driving test, plus you lose that discount off your first car insurance. Or you can pay slightly more per driving lesson in Besford, take fewer driving lessons in Besford, pass first time and be a much better and safer driver, and get up to 25% off your car insurance. Which package gives the better value?

Driving lessons for individuals:

We can do whatever driving course in Besford you require to fit in with your availability or your budget. If you simply want one driving lesson in Besford per week or an intensive driving course in Besford then one call to us and everything will be organised for you.

Gift and present ideas:

We can issue driving lesson vouchers in Besford if you wish to buy driving lessons in Besford as a present or gift for somebody. These driving lesson vouches can be for any number of driving lessons in Besford and if you need them urgently then we can e-mail them to you.

After passing your driving test:

After passing your practical driving test “Excellent” driving school also teach the pass plus course, which will give you a good reduction on your first years car insurance, or if you’d prefer we can provide motorway or refresher driving lessons. 

Contact us:

If you have any questions about driving lessons with “Excellent”driving school then please contact myself or Liz from the details found on the homepage. info@excellentdrivingschool.co.uk