Driving Lessons in Alfrick Worcestershire

Things to know before booking your instructor:

“Excellent” driving school in Alfrick guarantees that every lesson will be conducted by a fully qualified driving instructor. Some driving schools in Alfrick allow trainees to teach their pupils.

If you pay for quality driving lessons in Alfrick then admittedly the driving lesson price will be slightly higher but you will need fewer driving lessons. This is the real saving, not the price of the driving lessons in Alfrick. In addition to fewer driving lessons in Alfrick you will be a much better and ultimately a safer driver which means we can help you get up to 25% off your first car insurance.

Where you can save money:

This car insurance discount can be worth many hundreds of pounds but you cannot get this from a trainee driving instructor. So why lose this massive money saving offer simply because you wish to pay a couple of pounds less per hour?

About our driving lessons:

Learning to drive is a life changing experience but you need to approach it with the attitude that it is a life skill and what you learn on your driving lessons in Alfrick will literally keep you alive once you have passed your practical driving test and are out there driving alone.

Like most purchases you will find cheap driving lessons in Alfrick but do you really want cheap driving lessons in Alfrick or do you want good driving lessons in Alfrick?

Did you know?:

Many driving schools allow trainee driving instructors to conduct their driving lessons in Alfrick. We never do. Every driving lesson in Alfrick conducted by “Excellent” driving school will be with a fully qualified and high graded driving instructor.

You can identify the different types of driving instructors in Alfrick by the colour of their badge which they must display in the car’s windscreen whenever they are giving driving lessons in Alfrick. Green badges identify fully qualified driving instructors whereas a pink badge, located near to the car tax disc, indicates a trainee driving instructor. Think of this; If you had your house re-wired would you want a qualified electrician or a trainee to do the work? What that electrician does can affect your life if the work is poor. Taking driving lessons in Alfrick is exactly the same.

Driving lessons to suit you:

We can organise any type of driving lesson in Alfrick to suit both your availability and budget. So if you want just one driving lesson in Alfrick per week or an intensive driving course in Alfrick then we can have everything arranged within an hour for you.

Gift ideas:

“Excellent” driving school can also issue driving lesson vouchers for Alfrick. These make “excellent” gifts and if you need them urgently we can e-mail or hand deliver them to you. Our driving lesson vouchers can be for any number of driving lessons in Alfrick.

Contact us:

If you have any questions about booking driving lessons with “Excellent” driving school then please contact myself or Liz from the details found on the homepage. info@excellentdrivingschool.co.uk