Driving lessons in Evesham

About us:

We are a unique driving school in Evesham as every driving instructor with us is fully qualified and high graded. You will find driving schools in Evesham with cheaper prices but quality costs and we feel that our driving school in Evesham gives excellent value for money.

Fully qualified driving instructors:

Ever since we started teaching we have never allowed trainee driving instructors to conduct our driving lessons in Evesham. When you see cheap driving lessons in Evesham advertised you will notice that none of the adverts will inform you of the grade of the driving instructor that will be conducting your driving lessons in Evesham.

There are usually two reasons why this happens. Initially it is fair to expect that cheap driving lessons in Evesham will be done by trainee driving instructors. Like most things in life the price usually reflects the quality. Or secondly it could be that the instructor’s quality of instruction is not very good. After all, most people want to earn more money not less, so why would a good, experienced driving instructor be offering cheap driving lessons?

Pink badge/Green badge:

All qualified driving instructor will display a green badge in their windscreen whilst they are doing driving lessons in Evesham. This badge shows that the instructor doing these driving lessons in Evesham has passed all three qualifying examinations to become an approved driving instructor (ADI). This person will also have a grade. This grade is issued to each qualified driving instructor by the Driving Standards Agency on a regular basis. Grade 6 is the ultimate that any driving instructor in Evesham can achieve. All our driving instructors in Evesham hold a minimum grade 4 but the vast majority are grade 5 or even higher.

Trainee driving instructors, on the other hand, display a pink badge to indicate that these driving lessons are being conducted by somebody who is still under training and has not yet passed their third qualifying examination, which tests their teaching ability. Trainee driving instructors are not graded.

Paying for quality:

The higher graded driving instructors will charge a higher price but the benefit to the pupils is that they will require fewer driving lessons and have a much better chance of passing their driving test at the first attempt. Added to these benefits is the knowledge that a pupil who has taken their driving lessons in Evesham with a qualified and high graded driving instructor will be a much better and ultimately safer driver. This is shown by the fact that all our driving instructors in Evesham can get their pupils up to 25% off their first car insurance.

Gift and present ideas:

We can also issue driving lesson vouchers for driving lessons in Evesham. If you want more information about these driving lessons vouchers which make “excellent” presents then please contact us.

After passing your driving test:

After passing your practical driving test in Evesham “Excellent” driving school also teach the pass plus course, which will give you a good reduction on your first years car insurance, or if you’d prefer we can provide motorway or refresher driving lessons. 

Contact us:

If you have any questions about driving lessons with “Excellent”driving school then please contact Simon or Liz from the details found on the homepage. info@excellentdrivingschool.co.uk