The driving theory test costs £31.00.

To book this test call 0300 200 1122.

The test consist of two parts:

· Multiple-choice questions

· Hazard perception

You will take both tests at the same appointment and must pass both tests to gain your theory certificate.

For the multiple-choice questions, you have fifty eight minutes to answer 50 questions. You must answer at least 43 of these correctly to pass.

For the hazard perception test, you will be shown 14 video clips and and will be asked to press a button when you see a hazard developing. You will be scored on how quick you are to perceive the hazards. To pass the hazard perception, you must score 43 or more out of 75.

You will receive the result of your theory test immediately after you have completed both tests. The theory test certificate should be kept safe, as you will need it's reference number to book your practical test. You must pass the practical test within two years of passing the theory test, otherwise you will have to take the theory test again