Some driving schools advertise that they have 'qualified' driving instructors, but this doesn't always mean that they are 'fully qualified'. All fully qualified driving instructors display a green badge in their windscreen. This shows that they have passed all 3 exams necessary to become a fully qualified instructor.

Many of the larger driving schools in the area have what they call 'trainee' instructors or PDI's (Potential Driving Instructors). These trainee instructors display a pink badge in their windscreen. The pink badge indicates that they have passed the first exam which is the theory test (containing 100 questions & the hazard perception test) and the second exam which is an hour long high standard driving test. However, they HAVEN'T passed the 3rd exam which is the Instructional Ability test. Some of these trainee instructors may have had very little, if any, training towards this 3rd exam.

By law these trainee's are allowed to teach learners but are supposed to have regular supervision from a fully qualified instructor. A driving school, by law, does not have to advise you whether you are receiving tuition from a fully qualified instructor or a trainee. If the trainee instructor does not pass the 3rd exam after their 3rd attempt then they have to stop giving tuition and have to repeat the whole process again beginning with taking the 1st exam. If you are a learner and you have been receiving tuition from one of these instructors that does not pass the 3rd exam you would be moved to another instructor. You may still not be informed as to whether your new instructor is a trainee or fully qualified.

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